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Netmaker Releases Version 0.22.0 of WireGuard Mesh VPN

Netmaker has announced the release of version v0.22.0 of its WireGuard mesh VPN software. One of the key features of Netmaker is its ability to automate virtual networks between data centers, clouds, and edge devices. This eliminates the need for manual configuration and allows for easy scalability.

The latest version introduces several new features and improvements. Some of the highlights include:

  • Revamped Internet Gateways
  • MQ fallback
  • Deprecating TURN in favor of failover hosts on Pro
  • Switch to CoreDNS for DNS resolution
  • DNS is no longer managed with the OS hosts file (/etc/hosts file)
  • Added support for RAC on mobile

In addition to the new features, version v0.22.0 also addresses several bugs and issues found in previous versions. Some of the fixes include:

  • Expired nodes not getting deleted
  • nmctl acl subcommand leading to a dirty state
  • Enforce private network ranges
  • Minor bugs and enhancements with user management
  • Scalability issues