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Netdata Unveils Latest Update: Version v1.43.0

Netdata has released version v1.43.0, which is the most robust and reliable version of Netdata yet. This release includes several improvements and new features that enhance the performance and functionality of Netdata.

One of the major improvements in this release is the enhancement of the systemd-journal logs. Netdata has rewritten the systemd-journal plugin to improve its performance and visualization capabilities. This allows for better visualization of critical systems and security information. Additionally, Netdata is standardizing the way logs are handled as part of the platform, which enables support for more log management engines like Loki and Elasticsearch.

Another notable improvement is the changes made to the way metrics are collected and exposed in the Netdata Agent UI. This allows for easier slicing and dicing of data and better compatibility with OpenTelemetry specifications. The apps.plugin now exposes charts in the Applications section of the dashboard using the NIDL framework, while systemd units charts have been updated to have an instance for each systemd unit. Disk charts also have additional labels to help identify disks from the charts.

The Netdata Health engine has also undergone changes to improve integration with the new dashboard. These changes include better multi-node alerting on parents and the ability to evaluate and configure alerts directly from the UI.

In terms of performance, Netdata now has lower resource utilization, including lower memory usage and disk footprint. The self-vacuuming of SQLite databases has also been implemented. Notably, Netdata now requires only 1 pointer for each use of a label name-value combination, significantly improving memory requirements in setups like busy Kubernetes clusters.

Other improvements include the ability to run a 32-bit Netdata on a 64-bit IoT operating system, the availability of Netdata Cloud to be installed on-premises, and enhancements to VMware vSphere monitoring.

Looking ahead, Netdata is working on several areas for future releases. These include the development of a Logs Explorer for Loki and Elasticsearch, allowing for exploration, querying, and visualization of logs from these sources. Netdata is also working on making all integrations configurable via the dashboard and allowing alerts to be configured directly from the UI. Additionally, Netdata is preparing to release a mobile app for receiving push notifications and exploring alert statuses. The scalability of Netdata in larger environments is also a focus for future improvements.

As part of the release, there are also deprecation notices for certain components and changes that will be implemented in future releases. These changes aim to improve the functionality and usability of Netdata.

Overall, the release of Netdata version v1.43.0 brings significant improvements and new features that enhance the performance, functionality, and usability of Netdata for server monitoring and management.