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Matrix v1.9 Specification Enhances Open-Federated Communication for IM, VoIP, and IoT

Matrix has announced the release of Matrix v1.9, a specification for open-federated Instant Messaging (IM), Voice over IP (VoIP), and Internet of Things (IoT) communication. This release is primarily a maintenance update, focusing on clarifications and bug fixes. The changelog for Matrix v1.9 includes changes to the Client-Server API, Server-Server API, Appendices, and Internal Changes/Tooling. One of the key features of Matrix is its messaging interoperability, allowing it to connect multiple messaging providers with a common communications fabric. Matrix has been working with the MIMI working group at the IETF to establish a federation protocol for messaging in compliance with the EU’s Digital Markets Act. Additionally, Matrix is exploring the implementation of custom emoji/stickers, with ongoing discussions and experiments. Overall, Matrix v1.9 aims to improve the functionality and stability of the Matrix ecosystem, providing users with a reliable and secure communication platform.

Source: Matrix.