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Matrix Synapse Homeserver v1.93.0 Released

Matrix Synapse, an open-source Matrix homeserver developed and maintained by the Foundation, has released its latest version, v1.93.0. This release comes as a result of continuous development efforts since 2014, with the first stable version, v1.0.0, being launched in 2019.

For those unfamiliar, Matrix is an open standard for internet communications that supports federation, encryption, and Voice over IP (VoIP) functionality.

The latest version, v1.93.0, includes a number of bug fixes and security updates. Notable security fixes include low-severity vulnerabilities identified as GHSA-4f74-84v3-j9q5/ CVE-2023-41335 and GHSA-7565-cq32-vx2x/ CVE-2023-42453. More detailed information about these security issues can be found in the advisories.

In addition to the security updates, Synapse v1.93.0 introduces several new features and improvements. Some of these include:


  • Automatic purge after all users have forgotten a room
  • Room purge/shutdown restoration after a Synapse restart
  • Support for resolving homeservers using matrix-fed DNS SRV records from MSC4040
  • Ability to use G (GiB) and T (TiB) suffixes in configuration options that refer to numbers of bytes
  • Addition of span information to requests sent to appservices
  • Ability to enable/disable registrations when using CAS
  • Routing the /notifications endpoint to workers
  • Enabling users to easily unsubscribe from notification emails via the List-Unsubscribe header
  • Reporting whether a user is “locked” in the List Accounts admin API and excluding locked users by default


  • Fixing a long-standing bug that caused high load due to presence for multi-device accounts
  • Fixing a bug for appservices using MSC2409 to receive to_device messages, where only messages for one user were received
  • Fixing a bug when using workers that resulted in repeated re-requesting of the same remote device
  • Fixing a long-standing bug that caused repeated re-requesting of a remote server’s key, potentially causing delays in receiving events over federation
  • Avoiding temporary storage of sensitive information
  • Fixing a bug introduced in Synapse 1.49.0 when using dehydrated devices and refresh tokens
  • Fixing a long-standing bug where invalid receipts would be accepted
  • Using the standard name for the UTF-8 charset in emails
  • Avoiding refetching device lists for users on remote hosts marked as “down”

The latest release also includes various improvements to documentation, internal changes, and updates to locked dependencies.

With these updates and improvements, Synapse v1.93.0 continues to enhance the functionality and security of Matrix homeservers, providing a reliable and efficient platform for communication and collaboration.

For more information and to download Synapse v1.93.0, visit Synapse on GitHub.