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Lunar Computer Relaunches with Fresh Design and New Focus Areas

Lunar Computer is excited to announce a comprehensive update to our platform, featuring a fresh design and the addition of several new sections that expand our content breadth significantly. While continuing our established coverage on homelab topics such as Linux, self-hosting, virtualization, and containers, we’re thrilled to introduce areas dedicated to:

  • Making: A haven for DIY enthusiasts, this section covers everything from electronics to 3D printing, catering to the maker community with guides, projects, and inspiration.
  • Gaming: Recognizing the growing intersection between gaming and open-source technologies, Lunar Computer now includes gaming news and reviews.

Furthermore, Lunar Computer enhances its content depth by introducing hardware and software reviews. These new offerings complement our existing selection of news and tutorials, ensuring a well-rounded repository of tech knowledge and insights.

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey with Lunar Computer’s revamped platform, designed to inform, inspire, and engage the tech community like never before.