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Longhorn Releases v1.4.4-rc1, their Latest Release Candidate

Longhorn, a distributed block storage system for Kubernetes, has released its latest release candidate, Longhorn v1.4.4-rc1. This cloud-native storage solution is built using Kubernetes and container primitives.

Longhorn is known for being lightweight, reliable, and powerful. It can be easily installed on an existing Kubernetes cluster with a single kubectl apply command or by using Helm charts. Once installed, Longhorn adds support for persistent volumes to the Kubernetes cluster.

One of the key features of Longhorn is its implementation of distributed block storage using containers and microservices. It creates a dedicated storage controller for each block device volume and synchronously replicates the volume across multiple replicas stored on multiple nodes. The orchestration of these storage controllers and replicas is done using Kubernetes.

The v1.4.4-rc1 release of Longhorn introduces bug fixes and improvements, primarily focused on stability. Users are encouraged to try out the release and provide feedback. The Longhorn project appreciates all contributions.

For installation, Longhorn supports three methods: Rancher App Marketplace, Kubectl, and Helm. Detailed installation instructions can be found here.

Before upgrading to Longhorn v1.4.4 from v1.3.x/v1.4.x, it is important to read the important notes and ensure that the Kubernetes cluster is at least v1.21. The live upgrade from these source versions is not supported until the GA release. Upgrade instructions can be found here.

There are no deprecations or incompatibilities to note in this release. However, users are advised to check for any outstanding issues after the release on the Longhorn GitHub page here.

The v1.4.4-rc1 release also includes several enhancements, improvements, bug fixes, and stability and resilience updates. Notable improvements include the addition of disk status Prometheus metrics, removal of Longhorn engine path mismatch logs, and prevention of accidental deletion of Longhorn settings. A full list of these enhancements, improvements, and bug fixes can be found in the release notes.

The contributors to this release include @ChanYiLin, @PhanLe1010, @c3y1huang, and many others.

Longhorn continues to be a leading storage solution for Kubernetes, providing users with a reliable and powerful distributed block storage system. The release of Longhorn v1.4.4-rc1 brings important bug fixes and improvements, enhancing the stability of the platform. Users are encouraged to try out the release and provide feedback to further improve the Longhorn project.