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Libvirt 10.0 Enhances QEMU VM Migration

Libvirt, a virtualization API managing virtualization on Linux, has released version 10.0. This update brings several new features, particularly in its QEMU support.

One notable addition in libvirt 10.0 is the postcopy-preempt migration capability. This feature allows for faster migration of memory pages by ensuring that the destination reads them before they are migrated from the source. Regarding QEMU, libvirt 10.0 introduces support for mapping I/O threads to virtqueues of virtio-blk devices. It also provides automatic resizing of block-device-backed disks to match the full size of the device. Additionally, libvirt 10.0 includes automatic selection and binding of VFIO variant drivers, as well as a runtime configuration option for nbdkit.

Other improvements in libvirt 10.0 include enhancements to the migration XML usage when persisting VM on the destination. It also simplifies non-shared storage migration to raw block devices, supports hotplug/unplug of PCI devices within the test driver, and includes various bug fixes.

Source: Phoronix.