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K3s Unveils New Version: v1.29.0+k3s1

K3s has released version v1.29.0+k3s1, an update to its lightweight, highly available Kubernetes distribution. This release includes several important changes and updates, including an upgrade to Kubernetes v1.29.0. However, before upgrading, users are advised to read the Urgent Upgrade Notes from Kubernetes.

There are two important changes to note in this release. The first is the removal of the experimental rotate-keys subcommand, due to changes in Kubernetes upstream for KMSv2. This subcommand may be added back in future releases. The second change is the removal of the multi-cluster-cidr flag, as support for this alpha feature has been completely removed from Kubernetes upstream.

Other notable changes in this release include fixing an overlapping address range, updating the stable channel to November 2023, adding runtime classes for wasm/nvidia/crun, and bumping containerd/runc to v1.7.10-k3s1/v1.1.10. Additionally, there are updates to containerd, removal of GA feature-gates, improvements to code coverage, and an update to flannel.

Embedded component versions in this release include Kubernetes v1.29.0, Kine v0.11.0, SQLite 3.42.0, Etcd v3.5.9-k3s1, Containerd v1.7.11-k3s2, Runc v1.1.10, Flannel v0.24.0, Metrics-server v0.6.3, Traefik v2.10.5, CoreDNS v1.10.1, Helm-controller v0.15.4, and Local-path-provisioner v0.0.24.