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K3s Unveils Latest Version v1.28.3+k3s2

K3s, a lightweight and highly available certified Kubernetes distribution, has released version v1.28.3+k3s2. This version is designed for production workloads in resource-constrained and remote locations, as well as inside IoT appliances. K3s comes as a single binary that is less than 70MB in size, making it easy to install, run, and auto-update a production Kubernetes cluster.

The latest release updates Kubernetes to version v1.28.3 and addresses several issues. Some of the changes since v1.28.3+k3s1 include:

  • Restoration of selinux context systemd unit file
  • Update of channel to v1.27.7+k3s1
  • Bump of Sonobuoy version
  • Bump of Trivy version
  • Fix for accessing outer scope .SystemdCgroup, which resolves issues with starting with nvidia-container-runtime
  • Upgrade of traefik chart to v25.0.0
  • Update of traefik to fix registry value
  • Improvement to not use iptables-save/iptables-restore if it will corrupt rules

The components and versions included in this release are as follows:

  • Kubernetes v1.28.3
  • Kine v0.10.3
  • SQLite 3.42.0
  • Etcd v3.5.9-k3s1
  • Containerd v1.7.7-k3s1
  • Runc v1.1.8
  • Flannel v0.22.2
  • Metrics-server v0.6.3
  • Traefik v2.10.5
  • CoreDNS v1.10.1
  • Helm-controller v0.15.4
  • Local-path-provisioner v0.0.24

For more information on the release and its features, refer to the Kubernetes release notes.

Overall, this new release of K3s brings important updates and fixes to enhance the performance and reliability of Kubernetes clusters in production environments.

Source: K3s