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Introducing Xen Orchestra 5.88: Enhanced Virtualization Management Solution

XCP-ng has released Xen Orchestra 5.88, packed with new features and improvements. In the backup area, there have been code improvements and bug fixes, as well as an optimization for full backups using S3. The Terraform provider has also seen updates, including support for XenServer/XCP-ng bonded networks and improvements to the XO internal API. XO Lite now allows for cloning and snapshotting of VMs, and a “Ctrl Alt Del” button has been added to the console view. Xen Orchestra 6 is also in the works, with a focus on backup management and a revamped user interface. Mockups of the new UI have been shared, showcasing a more streamlined and efficient backup view. XOSTOR, the hyperconverged storage solution, now has a simple UI for creating new storage. XCP-ng 8.3 features have been added to Xen Orchestra, including vTPM management in the web UI and a new optional argument for the host.evacuate method. Overall, Xen Orchestra 5.88 brings a range of enhancements and improvements to the platform.