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Introducing CasaOS V0.4.4-3: The Latest Update Announcement

CasaOS defines itself as “community-based open-source software that focuses on delivering a simple personal cloud experience built around the Docker ecosystem” and can run a range of hardware, including the Raspberry Pi and the ZimaBoard. CasaOS has released its latest update, version V0.4.4-3, with a focus on optimizing the App Store display and fixing various issues to enhance the user experience. This update can be installed using a command line installation script: curl -fsSL | sudo bash. For updating, use the command line update script: curl -fsSL | sudo bash.

The key changes in CasaOS v0.4.4-3 include the following:



  • App Store app thumbnails now support click-to-view larger images in CasaOS-UI.
  • Removed tagline display from app Store app details and added support for MarkDown rendering in CasaOS-UI.
  • When uploading duplicated files, CasaOS-Files will now notify users of transfer failure.


  • CasaOS-StorageManager now supports different types of multi-partition mounting.
  • Fixed an issue in CasaOS-UI where app Store app details were improperly spaced.
  • CasaOS-Files now supports cross-disk replication of empty folders.

The CasaOS team expresses gratitude for the support and feedback received. Users are encouraged to contact them for any questions or suggestions through their GitHub page: