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Improved F2FS in Linux 6.7: Enhanced Page Size and Zone Block Device Support

The Flash-Friendly File-System (F2FS) has received further enhancements in the mainline Linux kernel with the ongoing v6.7 merge window. One notable improvement is the support for a larger page size by changing the internal block size alignment to the page size. This means that F2FS can now support cases where the block size is the page size for both 4K and 16K block sizes. It is worth noting that other sizes should also work, as mentioned in the related patches. However, at present, the code does not support 4K block size file-systems if the page size is 16K.

In addition to the larger page size support, F2FS for Linux 6.7 also introduces further improvements around zoned block device support and various other fixes and low-level code enhancements. These changes aim to enhance the overall performance and reliability of the file system.

For more details on the specific changes made to F2FS for Linux 6.7, you can refer to the Git merge for comprehensive information.

Overall, these enhancements to F2FS in Linux 6.7 contribute to a more robust and efficient flash-friendly file system, which will benefit users who rely on Linux servers, DevOps, and home labs.

Source: Phoronix.