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Home Assistant Unveils Version 2024.3

In a recent announcement on Home Assistant, version 2024.3 of the home automation platform introduces a suite of new features and improvements that emphasize user customization, efficiency, and device control. This release makes advancements in dashboard management, script interactions, energy monitoring, and voice command enhancements.

Key highlights of this release include:

  • Introduction of Experimental Sections View: A new dashboard layout option aimed at improving customization and usability by grouping cards into sections, ensuring a more organized and navigable interface.

  • Drag-and-Drop Dashboard Customization: Users can now easily rearrange cards and sections within the dashboard, enhancing the personalization and efficiency of the dashboard setup process.

  • Script Execution with User Input from the Dashboard: This feature allows for dynamic script execution directly from the dashboard, offering a new level of interaction and automation within the Home Assistant ecosystem.

  • Energy Graph for Individual Devices: A new graph provides detailed insights into the energy usage of individual devices, aiding users in identifying and managing high-consumption devices.

  • Enhanced Voice Commands for Assist: Home Assistant’s voice assistant, Assist, has been updated to include new commands for controlling valves, covers, vacuum cleaners, and media players, further expanding its utility and ease of use.

  • Performance Improvements: Notably, Home Assistant now boots twice as fast, thanks to optimizations that enhance the overall speed and responsiveness of the platform.

Additional updates include the ability to disable remote activation of the Home Assistant Remote UI, translating states in templates for clearer notifications, and new integrations such as Aprilaire, Husqvarna Automower, microBees, WeatherFlow Cloud, and Webmin.

For more detailed information about Home Assistant Core 2024.3, including a full list of new features, integrations, and improvements, visit the official release notes.