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Home Assistant 2023.11 Release

Home Assistant has released its latest version, 2023.11, packed with new features and improvements. Here’s what you need to know:

  • To-do list entities: Home Assistant now introduces a new entity type called “To-do list entities.” These entities represent a list of tasks, and you can create multiple to-do lists and manage them through the new “To-do lists” item in the sidebar.
  • Shopping lists are now to-do’s: The shopping list feature has been converted into a to-do list. Existing shopping lists will be automatically converted upon upgrading to this release.
  • Integrations providing your to-dos: Automations can now be created to create, complete, or clean up tasks on your to-do lists.
  • Matter 1.2: Home Assistant has upgraded its Matter implementation to version 1.2, benefiting from stability improvements and preparing for new device types.
  • Customize information in Tile cards: The Tile card now displays entity state information, and you can now customize the information shown on the card by adding attributes to the state content.
  • Select any date range in the energy dashboard: The energy dashboard now allows you to select a custom date range to view the energy usage of your home over a specific period.
  • New conditions for the conditional card: The conditional card now includes new conditions such as user condition, numeric state condition, and screen condition, allowing you to show or hide cards based on specific criteria.
  • Restarting into safe mode: You can now restart Home Assistant in safe mode, which disables all custom integrations and custom frontend resources.
  • Set up Improv Wi-Fi devices directly from Home Assistant: If you have a device that supports Improv Wi-Fi over Bluetooth and you are using Bluetooth in Home Assistant, you can set up the device directly from Home Assistant.
  • Configuring script fields in the UI: Script fields can now be configured in the UI, allowing you to define variables in your script and provide a UI for your script fields.

The release also includes several other noteworthy changes, new integrations, integrations available to set up from the UI, and bug fixes. For a full list of changes, you can refer to the changelog.

This release showcases Home Assistant’s commitment to providing a comprehensive and customizable home automation experience. Whether you’re managing tasks, customizing your dashboards, or integrating new devices, Home Assistant 2023.11 has you covered.

For more information, visit the Home Assistant website.