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Harvester Releases v1.3.0: Now With vGPU, 2-Node Clusters, Experimental ARM Support

Harvester, the open-source hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) software, has announced the release of version v1.3.0, introducing significant updates including vGPU support, two-node clusters, and experimental ARM support. This release, detailed on Harvester’s GitHub page, marks a significant step forward in the project’s development, offering new capabilities and enhancements aimed at improving system quality and user experience.

Key Features and Enhancements in Harvester v1.3.0 #

  • vGPU Support: This version allows the use of GPU cards that support the creation of virtual GPUs (vGPUs), enabling multiple VMs to share the compute capability of a physical GPU.
  • Two-Node Clusters with a Witness Node: Provides high availability options with a smaller footprint by supporting deployments of two-node clusters.
  • Optimization for Frequent Device Power-Off/On: Addresses issues in environments with frequent power interruptions, improving system resilience.
  • Managed DHCP (Experimental): An embedded feature for IP management and DHCP services directly within Harvester clusters, simplifying network configuration.
  • ARM Support (Technical Preview): Extends Harvester’s compatibility to ARM architecture, broadening the range of hardware on which it can be deployed.
  • Fleet Management (Technical Preview): Enables the deployment and management of objects in Harvester clusters using Fleet, even without Rancher integration.

Installation and Upgrade Notes #

  • Harvester v1.3.0 installation can be performed using ISO images, bootable USB drives, PXE boot, or a net install ISO image for core OS components only.
  • The installer now checks hardware against minimum production requirements, with options to skip checks for testing purposes.
  • Upgrades are supported from certain versions, with guidance provided for upgrade paths and procedures.

Component Versions #

  • Longhorn v1.6.0, KubeVirt v1.1.0, Embedded Rancher v2.8.2, and RKE2 v1.27.10+rke2r1 are among the key components updated in this release.