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GLAuth: Lightweight LDAP Server for Development, Home Use, or CI Releases v2.3.1

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GLAuth (Go-lang LDAP Authentication) has released version 2.3.1. GLAuth is a secure and easy-to-use LDAP server with configurable backends. This release includes several new features, bug fixes, and miscellaneous chores.

Features #

  • Tracing configuration can now be allowed via the main config.
  • Context for OpenTelemetry Protocol (OTLP) spans has been introduced into the handler package.
  • Context for OTLP spans has been introduced into the plugins package.
  • OTLSql has been introduced.
  • OTLP tracer has been introduced.
  • Basic tracer has been wired up.

Bug Fixes #

  • Vendored TOML has been dropped.
  • Formatting has been improved.
  • The go test command now properly checks OTP within the allowed base DN.
  • All TOML parsing has been moved into a new internal package, and the mappings have been dropped in favor of toml.Primitive decoding.
  • Configuration setup has been removed from the main function, and log configuration has been reshored.
  • Tracing code has been updated to work with breaking changes in OTLP 1.20.
  • The server now uses BurntSushi/toml.

For more information, visit the glauth v2.3.1 release page.