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Gitea 1.21 Now Available

Gitea has released version 1.21.0, which includes numerous new features and improvements. The release consists of 962 pull requests and marks the departure of Gitea Actions from the experimental state. Users can download the new version from the Gitea website.

The release includes several breaking changes that may affect users. One change involves moving public asset files to the proper directory. Previously, these files were served under a different directory, causing confusion for users. To resolve this, the default assets folder has been changed, and users with custom asset files will need to transfer them to the new location.

Another breaking change involves the configuration option for SSH authorized keys backup. Previously, this option was set to automatically create backups of the authorized keys file when a new SSH key was added. However, this caused the backup folder to become excessively large on instances with many users. As a result, the default value of this parameter has been changed, and users who still want backups should manually set it to true.

Additionally, the release removes the CHARSET configuration option for MySQL and always uses utf8mb4. Using utf8 as a charset for MySQL can lead to issues, and as Gitea only supports MySQL v5.7+, support for utf8 is no longer necessary. Existing utf8 databases will continue to work, but users are strongly encouraged to convert them to utf8mb4.

The release also includes improvements to Gitea Actions. Several new features have been added, including scheduled workflows, disabling workflows, and downloading raw task logs. Additionally, the admin page has been enhanced with capabilities such as manually rebuilding the issue index and a details page for each user.

Other notable improvements include the ability to select a specific commit range when reviewing a pull request, notifications for recently pushed branches, support for CODEOWNERS files, and the ability to pre-register OAuth2 applications for git credential helpers.

The release also introduces archived labels, a new concept that allows users to retire labels without deleting them. Gitea Actions have received various enhancements, making them a mature component of Gitea. The blame view has been simplified, and it is now possible to retry failed pull mirror creations.

Furthermore, the release includes improvements to the admin page, the ability to see if the CI is currently successful for all branches, and optimizations to reduce database deadlocks.

Looking ahead, Gitea 1.22 is expected to bring changes to the default themes and drop support for older database versions. The default themes will be renamed, and a new dark theme will be introduced. Users are encouraged to update their database versions for compatibility and security.

Overall, the release of Gitea 1.21.0 brings a range of new features and improvements that enhance the functionality and user experience of the platform. Users are encouraged to update to the latest version to take advantage of these enhancements.