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Flux CD: Streamlining Your Deployment Process

The CNCF Blog is writing about Flux CD, a GitOps continuous delivery tool developed by Weaveworks. It allows for streamlined and automated application deployments in Kubernetes environments. Flux CD recently announced the Generally Available (GA) release of Flux CD v2, marking its stability and reliability for production use. Many organizations, including GitLab, Orange, and Ring Central, use Flux CD.

Flux CD simplifies the deployment and lifecycle management of applications and infrastructure by allowing developers and operators to define the desired state of their applications and configurations as code stored in a Git repository. Flux CD continuously monitors the repository for changes and automatically applies updates to the Kubernetes cluster to ensure the actual state matches the desired state.

Flux CD offers features such as automated deployments, GitOps workflow, progressive delivery, security, and compatibility with popular Kubernetes tools. It integrates seamlessly with tools like Kustomize, Helm, GitHub, GitLab, and more. Flux CD also has a rich ecosystem, including components like the Source controller, Kustomize Controller, Helm Controller, Notification Controller, and Image Reflector and Automation Controller. Additionally, there are extensions and integrations available for tools like Visual Studio Code, Terraform, Flamingo, Weave GitOps, AKS & Azure Arc, and EKS Anywhere.

Source: CNCF.