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Change the Logos and Virtual Machine Boot Screen on Proxmox VE 6.0


This tutorial will guide you through the steps required to replace the logo, favicon, and boot screen (as seen in the console when booting a virtual machine) on Proxmox VE 6.0. Another customization for our directory of customizations! This article builds on a previous article on persistent customizations to Proxmox VE.

If you find Proxmox VE useful, consider getting a subscription.

If you don’t have a computer to run Proxmox VE on yet, I can recommend running it on a low-power Intel NUC or three. Or something more powerful .

Prepare #

Ensure you have completed the steps in our previous article on making Proxmox VE customizations persistent.

Backup Original Images #

Copy the original images which we will replace to our directory of customizations:

$ sudo mkdir /usr/share/custom/backup
$ sudo cp /usr/share/pve-manager/images/{favicon.ico,logo-128.png,proxmox_logo.png} /usr/share/custom/backup/
$ sudo cp /usr/share/qemu-server/bootsplash.jpg /usr/share/custom/backup/

Copy the New Images #

First make sure your new images match the specifications:

  • bootsplash.jpg should be 640x480 pixels
  • favicon.ico should be 64x64 pixels
  • logo-128.png should be 128x128 pixels with a transparent background
  • proxmox_logo.png should be 172x30 pixels with a transparent background

Then, transfer the new images to our directory of customizations (replace username with your Proxmox VE username, and with the hostname or IP address of your Proxmox VE host):

# run this on your local computer, while in the directory of your new images
$ scp {bootsplash.jpg,favicon.ico,logo-128.png,proxmox_logo.png} [email protected]:/usr/share/custom/

Add Customization to Change the Images #

Run the following command to add the customization to the script (make note of the double >>):

$ sudo echo "cp -f /usr/share/custom/{favicon.ico,logo-128.png,proxmox_logo.png} /usr/share/pve-manager/images/" >> /usr/share/custom/
$ sudo echo "cp -f /usr/share/custom/bootsplash.jpg /usr/share/qemu-server/" >> /usr/share/custom/

Apply Customizations #

Finally, reapply the customizations (and apply the new one above):

$ sudo /usr/share/custom/

And we are done! Now, you should be enjoying your custom logos and boot screen. Next time, the article will be on the same theme as this one. Best of luck! 🎨

Revision #

2023-08-31 Revised language