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BookStack Unveils Latest Version: v23.10

BookStack has released version 23.10 of its software, introducing several new features and improvements. The update includes a new “My Account” area, which provides users with a centralized location to manage their account settings and preferences. Additionally, the release adds support for the Uzbek language, thanks to the contribution from the user @mrmuminov.

Other notable changes include the addition of basic Progressive Web App (PWA) support, making it easier for users to access BookStack from their mobile devices. The update also includes new header bar partials for easier customization, as well as a “View Tags” button on non-default homepage views.

The page editor interface has been updated with a new design, providing a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. The app’s caching behavior has also been improved to avoid expiry scenarios, ensuring a smoother performance.

Several bug fixes have been implemented in this release, addressing issues such as an awkward sidebar scroll behavior at mid-level screen sizes, a buggy dark/light mode button, and the incorrect clearing of the tag input field when pressing the enter key.

BookStack v23.10 also includes various updates to improve the codebase and optimize the software’s performance, such as updating the HTTP calling, language handling, and icon handling. The release also enables new translations for Albanian, Finnish, and Norwegian Nynorsk languages on Crowdin.

Users should be aware that this update includes changes to the URLs, paths, and interfaces for user-self management. Documentation and user guidance may need to be updated accordingly.

For more information about the release, including a video overview and update instructions, please refer to the provided links.

Source: BookStack