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Armbian Releases OS Version 24.2 Kereru

Armbian has announced the release of version 24.2, codenamed Kereru, introducing numerous improvements to enhance the user experience. Here are the key highlights of this release:

  • Resolved DNS resolution issues on Debian Bookworm
  • Optimized HDMI console performance on Khadas VIM1S and VIM4 devices
  • Streamlined Rockchip patch maintenance for improved stability
  • Expanded hardware compatibility with Xiaomi Mi10, OrangePi Zero 3, and ASUS Tinker Edge R
  • Implementation of the latest Amlogic kernel 5.15.y drop for Khadas VIM1S & VIM4 users
  • Introduced feature for displaying download links
  • Integrated Odroid M1 into the rockchip64 family
  • Added support for Ubuntu 24.04 Noble
  • Upgraded all current kernels to 6.6 LTS
  • Included Home Assistant extensions and security measures like LVM support and CRYPTROOT
  • Implemented cloud-init support and added support for Radxa Rock S0
  • Fixed network interface card failures on OrangePi One+
  • Resolved WiFi and Bluetooth issues on RockPi S devices caused by Edge Kernel
  • Addressed package removal and systemd unit enablement errors
  • Fixed desktop compatibility issues with Cinnamon desktop on Vim4
  • Optimized image loading times on Khadas VIM1S/VIM4 Bookworm

For a full list of actions, visit here.