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Arkane Linux: A Promising Arch-Based Immutable Distro

According to It’s FOSS News, Arkane Linux presents itself as an Arch-based immutable distribution. The operating system is in the development phase, emphasizing caution for those considering it for production environments. Arkane Linux comes in two flavors: the immutable flagship with GNOME desktop and a mutable variant, also GNOME-equipped. This distinction allows users flexibility, especially with the immutable version’s capability to revert to previous system states after updates.

Arkane Linux aims to offer a modern, minimal GNOME-centric experience, leveraging the Arch Linux base for the latest technological advancements and adopting newer GNOME applications over traditional choices. A notable development for Arkane Linux is Arkdep, a toolkit designed by the lead developer to facilitate the building, deployment, and maintenance of immutable, btrfs-based, multi-root systems.

Arkane Linux’s development includes Arkdep, described as an “OS deployment manager” rather than a package manager, emphasizing a straightforward approach to system immutability by replacing the core OS during updates.

Arkane Linux is currently available for AMD64 systems, with plans to expand hardware support, including RISC-V. Interested users can download the distribution from its official website and follow its development on GitHub or join the Matrix chat for more information.

Source: It’s FOSS News.