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Alpine Linux 3.19.0: The Latest Release

Alpine Linux has officially released version 3.19.0, marking the introduction of the v3.19 stable series. This release encompasses various updates and improvements across the system.

Core Component Upgrades #

  • Linux Kernel (6.6): The update includes a transition to Linux kernel version 6.6, focusing on stability and compatibility enhancements.

  • Compiler (GCC 13.2): Alpine Linux now incorporates GCC version 13.2, providing developers with the latest compiler features and optimizations for software development.

  • Scripting Language (Perl 5.38): The release adopts Perl version 5.38, introducing bug fixes and improvements for users working with the scripting language.

Virtualization and Database Updates #

  • Xen Hypervisor (4.18): Alpine Linux 3.19.0 brings an upgrade to Xen version 4.18, incorporating security, performance, and architectural enhancements.

  • PostgreSQL (16): The PostgreSQL database is updated to version 16, offering users the latest features and improvements in the open-source relational database system.

  • Node.js (LTS 20.10): The LTS version of Node.js is now at 20.10, providing a stable platform for server-side JavaScript applications.

  • Ceph Storage (18.2): Alpine Linux includes Ceph version 18.2, enhancing distributed storage capabilities.

Notable Changes and Upgrade Notes #

  • Raspberry Pi 5 Support: Alpine Linux 3.19.0 introduces support for Raspberry Pi 5.

  • Kernel Consolidation: The linux-rpi4 and linux-rpi2 kernels have been replaced by a unified linux-rpi.

  • Routing Scheme Update (Yggdrasil): Yggdrasil, the networking software, has been upgraded to version 0.5, featuring a new routing scheme that may require adjustments for compatibility.

  • Package Management (Python): Python’s package directory is now marked as externally managed, impacting pip installations to system directories managed by apk. Users are advised to consider alternatives such as pipx.

For a comprehensive list of changes, users can refer to the release notes, git log, and bug tracker.

As always, users are recommended to use apk upgrade --available when transitioning between major versions.