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Affordable Waveshare PCIe to M.2 Adapter for Raspberry Pi 5

The Waveshare PCIe To M.2 adapter is an affordable PCIe to M.2 HAT+ module designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi 5.

It supports PCIe Gen2 and Gen3 SSDs and is compatible with standard SSD sizes of 2230/2242. The adapter features status indicator LEDs, a power monitoring chip, an EEPROM, and a cooling fan vent to manage temperatures during heavy use. This adapter is not the first of its kind for the Raspberry Pi 5, as other options like the PineBerry Pi’s HatDrive and the Pimoroni NVMe Base have been previously explored. The Waveshare PCIe To M.2 adapter shares a similar form factor with Waveshare’s PoE HAT(F), which uses the new HAT+ standard to provide 24W of power to the Raspberry Pi 5.

The adapter’s specifications include compatibility with Raspberry Pi 5 SBC, M.2 SSD interface compatibility, a compact form factor, status indicator LEDs, an EEPROM, and a power monitoring chip.

The package includes the PCIe To M.2 HAT, a double-row 20-pin header, a 16-pin cable, and a set of standoffs for mounting. The product dimensions are 65.00 x 56.50 mm.

The Waveshare PCIe To M.2 adapter is available for purchase for $8.99 on the company’s online store, and it’s also availble on other online stores.

Source: CNX Software – Embedded Systems News.