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TrueNAS SCALE 23.10 Released with Enhanced SMB Features

TrueNAS has announced the release of TrueNAS SCALE 23.10 “Cobia,” the third major release of TrueNAS SCALE. This release brings improvements in quality, functionality, security, and performance.

One of the key highlights of the TrueNAS SCALE 23.10 release is the improvement in Server Message Block (SMB) features. SMB is the most common file sharing protocol and is widely supported on various platforms. The new features in this release include SMB and NFSv4 compatibility, SMB share import from other systems, SMB file sync with 3rd party servers, and fast file copy with ZFS block cloning.

In addition to the SMB features, TrueNAS SCALE 23.10 brings several other enhancements. The infrastructure has been improved with Linux Kernel 6.1 and better hardware support, NVIDIA driver updates, and Netdata backend stats collection. The web interface has also been enhanced with improved Apps and Storage Pool UI, as well as simplified feedback and bug reporting.

TrueNAS SCALE 23.10 also includes updates to ZFS and performance improvements. It features OpenZFS 2.2 with contributions from iXsystems, ZFS block cloning for faster file copies, ZFS dRAID pool layouts, and improved ZFS scrub controls. The release also brings updates to protocols and services such as Samba security and speed improvements, simplified SMB cluster expansion via TrueCommand 3.0 (coming soon), and iSCSI improvements.

TrueNAS 13.1, which is planned for release in early 2024, will inherit some of the improvements from TrueNAS SCALE Cobia. This update will include the SMB and ZFS enhancements implemented and tested in Cobia. Nightly versions of TrueNAS 13.1 are available for testing and contribution to the development process.

TrueNAS SCALE is the final version of Bluefin, and going forward, TrueNAS SCALE 23.10 Cobia will gradually become the recommended version. No further versions of Bluefin are planned. TrueNAS provides options for migrating storage services and VMs from CORE to SCALE, and plugins and jails can be manually replaced with Apps.

The TrueNAS installer can be downloaded from the TrueNAS website or the system update feature within an existing TrueNAS installation.

TrueNAS Scale Gets New Web Interface in Cobia Release

TrueNAS SCALE is introducing a new and improved WebUI in the upcoming Cobia (23.10) release. The first Release Candidate for Cobia was launched on September 19th, and it currently has over 2,000 systems running on it. The official release of 23.10 is scheduled for October. The Cobia release includes significant technical advancements such as the new dRAID “Distributed RAID” pool type, an improved Apps UI, and an integrated bug-reporting process.

The new Cobia WebUI has been rearchitected from the CORE WebUI to provide a simpler interface. It is designed to present only the necessary information on each page, with advanced features hidden by default and additional forms appearing as needed. Initial reviews of this modernized and streamlined UI have been positive.

Major improvements have been made to the WebUI in Cobia, including:

  • Improved Apps Screens
  • Reimagined ZFS Storage Dashboard
  • New and Improved Pool Creation Wizard
  • Built-in Feedback and Bug Reporting

The Apps Screens in TrueNAS SCALE have been significantly enhanced. Each App is now effectively a Kubernetes Helm Chart that points to container images and provides configuration information for integrating multiple containers into an application. The new Apps screens offer better-structured access to all Apps based on category, and the new Discovery screens assist with App discovery. The Information screen provides details about each App and its sources, and bulk operations for updating Apps are available.

The ZFS Storage Dashboard in Cobia has also been reimagined to handle larger systems with more than a thousand drives. A new Pool Creation Wizard simplifies the process of creating pools based on available resources, automatically selecting drives for vdevs (drive groups) based on their size. The updated Storage Dashboard provides a simple dashboard to display the status of each pool and allows for the creation of new pools or expansion of existing ones using unassigned disks.

A new Feedback and Bug Reporting system has been introduced with TrueNAS SCALE Cobia RC.1. Users can provide feedback on the design of the page, add important details for their use case, and optionally capture a screenshot of the current page. Bug reports can also be submitted, including a brief summary of the issue and the option to attach debug files. Users will receive a TrueNAS ticket link to monitor the status and resolution of their bug.

While TrueNAS encourages users to try out the early releases of TrueNAS SCALE Cobia and provide feedback, it is recommended to use TrueNAS SCALE for cases where reliability and primary data retention are required. TrueNAS SCALE 22.12.4, which is planned for release in early October, will be the last major update for the 22.12 release branch. TrueNAS SCALE Cobia will gradually become the recommended version in Q4 2023 and beyond.

Users have the option to automatically migrate storage services and VMs from CORE to SCALE, and TrueNAS provides the ability to replace TrueNAS CORE Plugins and jails with Apps. For further advice or answers to questions, users can visit the TrueNAS Community Forums or Discord Channel.

Source: TrueNAS.