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Olimex Unveils STMicro STM32MP157 SoM and Open-Source Hardware EVB

Olimex has recently released the STMP157-BASE-SOM-EXT system-on-module (SoM) powered by an STMicro STM32MP157 dual-core Cortex-A7 microprocessor. The SoM is accompanied by the STMP157-BASE-SOM-EVB evaluation board, which is open-source hardware designed in KiCAD. The CPU module features 1GB RAM, an EEPROM for configuration, and power management circuitry. The carrier board provides various interfaces and features including HDMI video output, LCD display interfaces, a 2MP camera, gigabit Ethernet, USB ports, CAN bus terminal block, audio jacks, and several GPIO headers.

The specifications of the STMP157-BASE-SOM-EXT System-on-Module are as follows:

  • Microprocessor: STMicro STM32MP157DAA1 dual-core Cortex-A7 processor @ 800 MHz with Arm Cortex-M4 real-time core @ 209 MHz, and Vivante 3D GPU with OpenGL ES 2.0 support
  • System Memory: 1GB DDR3
  • Storage: Linux configuration EEPROM
  • Host interface: 6x 40-pin board-to-board connectors with 1.27mm pitch for I/Os
  • Misc: User LED, 24 MHz oscillator
  • Power Management: AXP209 PMIC, LDO, DCDC power management
  • Dimensions: 72 x 48 mm

The STMP157-BASE-SOM-EVB carrier board is compatible with the STMP157-BASE-SOM-EXT CPU module and offers the following specifications:

  • Storage: MicroSD card slot
  • Video Output: HDMI output, MIPI LCD connector, RGB LCD connector compatible with LCD-OLinuXino-5CTS, LCD-OLinuXino-7.0CTS, LCD-OLinuXino-10CTS
  • Camera: 2MP MIPI CSI camera (OV2640-120 sensor)
  • Audio: 3.5mm headphones jack, 3.5mm microphone jack
  • Networking: Gigabit Ethernet port
  • USB: 2x USB 2.0 Type-A host ports, 1x USB OTG port
  • Serial: 2x CAN Bus terminal blocks
  • Expansion: UEXT connector, EXT1 and EXT2 GPIO connectors
  • Debugging: 3-pin UART connector, optional JTAG connector (not populated)
  • Misc: Reset button, Power LED, flash module connector, boot configuration slide switch
  • Power Supply: 5V/2A via power barrel jack, 2-pin connector for LiPo battery with built-in charging circuit
  • Dimensions: 122 x 106 mm

Olimex provides a minimal Debian 11 image with Linux 6.x for both the module and EVB. User manuals, PDF schematics, and a Linux user guide can be found on the product page for the SoM, while the KiCAD hardware design files, PDF schematics, and user manual for the EVB can be found on GitHub. Pre-orders for the STM32MP157 SoM and EVB are now available for 30 Euros each, with shipping scheduled to begin on November 30. More documentation and the option to purchase can be found on the respective product pages.

Source: CNX Software – Embedded Systems News.

COM-HPC 1.2 Specification Unveiled: Introducing COM-HPC Mini 95x70mm Form Factor

PICMG has announced the release of the COM-HPC 1.2 specification, which includes the new COM-HPC Mini form factor. This form factor, about the size of a credit card at 90x75mm, provides access to high-speed interfaces such as PCIe Gen5, USB4, and 10GbE.

The COM-HPC Mini form factor is a smaller version of the COM-HPC standard, designed for applications like autonomous mobile robots, drones, and mobile 5G test and measurement equipment. It offers a compact solution for edge computing.

The COM-HPC 1.2 “Mini” modules come with a single 400-pin connector and various interfaces, including storage with 2x SATA ports (shared with PCIe lanes), display with 1x eDP and 2x DDI, networking with 2x 10 Gbps NBASE-T Ethernet ports, USB with 8x SuperSpeed lanes for USB4/ThunderBolt or USB 3.2, 8x USB 2.0, PCIe with 16x PCIe lanes supporting PCIe 4.0 or PCIe 5.0, and miscellaneous features such as boot SPI and eSPI, UART, CAN, Audio, FUSA, and power management signals.

The COM-HPC Mini modules support cameras via an FFC connector with a MIPI CSI interface. The input voltage ranges from 8V to 20V DC, and the modules can handle up to 107W of input power. The dimensions of the modules are 95 x 70 x 15 mm.

While the COM-HPC 1.2 specification has been released and is available for download, it comes at a cost of 750 Euros. The information provided above is based on a press release, as access to the specification is required to obtain further details.

It is unclear when companies like congatec or ADLINK will release actual COM-HPC Mini modules. However, PICMG plans to release a “COM-HPC 1.2 Carrier Design Guide” in early 2024, suggesting that announcements may be expected later in the first half of 2024.

Source: CNX Software – Embedded Systems News.