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AdGuard DNS Proxy Version 0.56.1 Released

AdGuard DNS Proxy has recently released version v0.56.1, which comes with some important fixes. One of the major fixes addresses the issue where queries of DS type were being incorrectly routed to the exactly matched domain-specific upstream. This behavior was in contrast to the recommendations outlined in RFC 4035 Section 2.4.

By releasing this new version, AdGuard DNS Proxy ensures that the routing of DS type queries is now in accordance with the RFC 4035 Section 2.4 recommendations. This fix enhances the overall performance and reliability of the DNS proxy. Users can now have confidence that their queries of DS type will be handled correctly and routed to the appropriate upstream destinations.

Deploy Bitwarden on Docker Swarm

Deploy Bitwarden on Docker Swarm
In this tutorial, we’ll deploy Bitwarden on Docker Swarm. It’s based on an earlier tutorial on this site, where we deployed Docker Swarm on DigitalOcean. Bitwarden is a password manager with support for self-hosting. We’ll use bitwarden_rs, an unofficial Bitwarden API server implementation, as it’s a bit faster than the default implementation. Bitwarden_rs is written in Rust and is compatible with the official Bitwarden clients. Bitwarden has the following features, among others:
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