Upgrade Fedora 30 to 31

This tutorial will show the upgrade process for Fedora from version 30 to version 31. Fedora is a Linux distribution aimed at servers, workstations and all kinds of use cases. It runs on both x86_64 and arm64, and other platforms. This tutorial is aimed at Fedora Server, but it should work the same on Fedora Workstation. Prepare First of all, make a backup of your system. System upgrades should work fine, but from time to time they break.
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Create a Docker Swarm Cluster on DigitalOcean

This tutorial will guide you through the process of setting up a Docker Swarm cluster on DigitalOcean. It’ll also show you how to deploy Traefik as a reverse proxy for your services, and Swarmpit as a web interface for your cluster. We’ll use Fedora 30 as the OS for this tutorial. If you sign up to DigitalOcean using this link you’ll receive $50 to spend on their services over 30 days.
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Deploy a Three Node Kubernetes Cluster on Fedora 30 on DigitalOcean

Today we’ll deploy a three node Kubernetes cluster on top of Fedora 30. We’ll run the nodes on VMs in DigitalOcean’s datacenters. DigitalOcean also offers a managed Kubernetes deployment, but here we’ll deploy it manually using kubeadm. The cluster we will end up with is a single control-plane cluster, i.e. it’ll be lacking High Availability (HA) features. Using this link to DigitalOcean will grant you $50 to spend on DigitalOcean services over 30 days for free.
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